Question: How do you hook up an old rotary phone?

Can you connect a cell phone to a rotary phone?

I found these on Amazon for about $70 to $95. After that its as simple as plugging the old phone into the gateway and powering the gateway up. Then push the start button on the top of the XLink to turn it on and then sync your smartphone to that gateway. Now pick up the old rotary phones receiver and dial away.

Can you connect a rotary phone?

Old rotary-style phones were equipped with a cable that wired directly into a small phone box on the wall. When you purchased your phones from the phone company, they would come out and install them. To make a rotary phone plug into a modular jack, you need to change the cable.

Will old rotary phones still work?

As long as those switches still support rotary dialing, and most do, the old phones will work. The ONT usually handles pulse or dial phones just fine, said Paker.

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