Question: Does Lauren Pope have a baby?

Lauren Pope has opened up on the birth of her baby girl Raine Anais Keterman. The 37 year old explained that the she feels quite surreal to have welcomed a child with her millionaire boyfriend Tony after going through pain, tears, sickness and exhaustion throughout her nine-month pregnancy.

Who is the father of Lauren Popes baby?

The 37-year-old reality star, who quit Towie last year after nine years on screen, welcomed her first child with millionaire boyfriend Tony Keterman on Saturday, 11 July. She revealed that they have called their daughter Raine Anais in the sweet social media post.

Does Lauren Pope have kids?

Lauren Pope has revealed shes given birth to a baby girl. The former TOWIE star, 37, took to Instagram to share that shed welcomed her first child, who shes named Raine Anais Keterman.

Does Lauren Pope have a boyfriend?

Lauren shared a lovely series of photos with her over one million followers, revealing that she and boyfriend Tony Keterman had welcomed a baby girl – and she even announced the adorable name the couple gave their little one.

Who is Lydia brights baby daddy?

Lee Cronin If I leave the room and shes with my family, when I walk back in her face lights up. Shes honestly my best friend. Despite an attempt to rekindle their romance after their daughter was born, Lydia and Lorettas father Lee Cronin have since parted ways. He sees Loretta every weekend, she says.

Is Sam and Shelby together?

Sam Mucklow admits he has a stronger relationship with girlfriend Shelby Tribble now they have a son – and hes better suited to being a father than a reality star.

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