Question: How do I get rid of Geek2Geek?

How do I delete my Geek2Geek account?

You can also send an email to our customer service representative to cancel your membership for you. Using either option will protect your privacy from others seeing your profile information.

Is kippo any good?

Kippo not only creates a safe place for gamers to meet new people, but they do so with a beauty and finesse that we dont often see in casual dating apps .Overall Kippo Rating.CategoryScoreEase of Use8.5/10.0Support7.0/10.0Cost9.0/10.0Overall7.75/10.02 more rows

Can you see who liked you on Kippo?

Kippo on Twitter: You can see who likes you on the swipe screen…

Should I pay for kippo?

Though the environment can feel a little overwhelming for those who are only casual gamers, if you game as your main hobby and want a partner who can get behind that, Kippo is definitely worth it.

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