Question: How do I use Hinge?

Hinge makes it easy to start a conversation by allowing you to “like” specific content within someones profile, whether thats one of their prompt answers or photos. Free members can “like” up to 10 profiles each day. If youre not interested in a suggested match, tap the X and the next one will pop up.

How do you get matches on Hinge?

Your photos. Like any dating-app, your photos are the most important factor in attracting the matches you want. Engage with a comment. Write something controversial - update your Hinge prompts. Go off-app sooner rather than later. Dont worry about quantity, worry about the quality.22 Jun 2020

How does Hinge 2021 work?

Hinge works by matching users based on their answers to the questions upon sign-up. Users need to like a specific section of another members profile in order to send the like.

How do you date on Hinge?

Say you matched with a girl that you are totally into. Perfect profile, location, bio, prompts, etc. In the message section, click the grey button that says “Weve Met.” Once you do that, Hinge will know that you are getting dates with people like that and that you are into their profile type.

Do you swipe right on Hinge?

While Hinge, like its many swipe-enabled competitors, used to be a free app, the new version will run users $7 a month. Its not this anonymous free swiping app anymore,” Fein said. “If youre interested in someone, youre just going to have to tell them.

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