Question: What are the bad areas of Salt Lake City?

What is the most dangerous part of Utah?

Top 10 Utah Cities and Towns with Highest Arrest StatisticsProvo PD – 2,703. St. George PD – 2,944. Orem PD – 3,054. West Jordan PD – 3,156. Sandy PD – 3,332. Ogden PD – 4,245. West Valley PD – 6,326. Salt Lake City PD – 19,204.More items

What is the safest part of Salt Lake City?

The Safest Neighborhoods In Salt Lake City For 2021East Bench.Yalecrest.Bonneville Hills.East Central.Central City.Central City-Liberty Welss.Sugar House.Capitol Hill.More items

What is the best area to live in Salt Lake City?

Best Neighborhoods in Salt Lake City for Singles & Young Capitol Hill.Central City.East Bench.Greater Avenues.Sugar House.Wasatch Hollow.Yalecrest.14 Jan 2019

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