Question: What should you not wear in Tanzania?

You want to err on the side of caution when out in public places in Tanzania. Wear clothes that do not expose your thighs or torso. This means that avoiding shorts and skirts cut above the knee. It also means wearing tops that do not expose your shoulders or cleavage.

What can I bring back from Tanzania?

Here are some of the must-have souvenirs to pick up in Tanzania:Handcrafted Leather Items. Tanzania has incredible handcrafted leather items at very reasonable prices. Tanzanite. Obviously! Kanga and Kitenge. Wood Carvings and Sculptures. Paintings. Ceramic art and pottery. Artefacts. Stone Carvings.More items •26 Jun 2018

Is it safe to rent a car in Tanzania?

with empirical evidence Tanzania is a safe place to rent a car. Many travellers have rented out cars in the country and have had no safety comprising situations and this is what is based on to say that Tanzania is safe to rent a vehicle and drive on your own.

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