Question: How much does Snoop Dogg cost on Cameo?

Snoop Dogg (Price: $900) Snoop Dogg, who is not one to turn down a dollar, has a popular but pricey page on Cameo.

How much does Snoop Dogg charge on cameo?

Rapper Snoop Dogg charges $1,200 for a cameo. He says hes available to give “shout-outs” to anyone who would like a message from him.

How do you get a Snoop Dogg feature?

The Snoop Song Contest asks applicants to submit their music to an all-star panel of judges, created by Snoop alongside multi-platinum producers Anno Domini and Legion Gabe. The contest is open now, and runs until February 2021.

How much does a celebrity shout out cost?

Cameo offers a separate service for businesses looking to promote a product, or have a celebrity appear for a virtual event. Business Cameos have an average price of $1,000 but come with a different license for promotional and commercial use.

Does Snoop Dogg cameo?

Snoop Dogg, who is not one to turn down a dollar, has a popular but pricey page on Cameo.

What celebrities are on the cameo app?

27 Celebrities Who Will Give You Personalized Shout-Outs on Cameo — For a PriceJerry Harris. Claim to Fame: Netflixs Cheer. Busy Philipps. Claim to Fame: Laurie Keller on Cougar Town and host of Busy Tonight. Caitlyn Jenner. Ashley Greene. Lance Bass. Chad Michael Murray. Lindsay Lohan. Todrick Hall.More items •Apr 26, 2020

How much does Eminem make a year?

His Annual Income Is Truly Wild Celebrity Net Worth reports that Eminem makes $20 million a year, and during tour years, its more like $30-50 million. 2019 was one of his most profitable years, when he took home $50 million.

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