Question: Is it good to be a non smoker?

By quitting smoking you will reduce your chance of having: Cancer of the lungs, throat, mouth, lips, gums, kidneys and bladder Heart disease and hardening of the arteries A stroke Emphysema and other lung diseases.

What are 5 benefits of being a non smoker?

5 health benefits of quitting smokingRediscover smell and taste. Within just a few days of quitting smoking, your senses of smell and taste will improve. Reduce risk of heart disease. Healthier lungs. Live longer. Healthier families. How to quit.6 Jun 2017

Is it good to never smoke?

Smoking damages the heart and blood circulation, making it more likely that someone who smokes regularly will get heart disease or have a heart attack. Smoking increases the risk of getting cancer, particularly lung cancer.

What are the benefits of being a non smoker?

Quit smokingStopping smoking lets you breathe more easily. Stopping smoking gives you more energy. Ditch the cigarettes and feel less stressed. Quitting leads to better sex. Stopping smoking improves fertility. Stopping smoking improves smell and taste. Stop smoking for younger-looking skin.More items

Is it bad to be a casual smoker?

Studies show that just being around smoke on a regular basis makes people more likely to get cancer and heart disease. Light smoking can shorten your life. Even people who averaged less than one cigarette per day over their entire lives were 64% more likely to die early than people whod never smoked, a study found.

Will you live longer if you dont smoke?

The evidence about smoking and longevity is pretty definitive: those who dont smoke tend to live significantly longer. In our calculator, youll often see life expectancy results that differ by 10 years or more between a non-smoker and a heavy smoker. The numbers are striking.

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