Question: How do you date a G&L guitar?

There are also dates labeled on the neck heel and inside of the body. These will give you an approximate idea of when the instrument was completed, typically within one to two weeks of the latter of the two dates shown. From the early 1980s to early 1997, serial numbers were typically stamped into a neck plate.

How much does a G&L guitar cost?

Well start with the G&L Doheny, which is available from the custom shop in either righty or lefty versions. The Left handedG&L Doheny starts at $1399 base price. However, through the Custom Shop you can essentially build the Doheny of your dreams.

Where are G&L ASAT guitars made?

Its been nearly 10 years since G&L produced Fullerton Standard instruments, yet the concept is the same: deliver unsurpassed quality and value in an authentic G&L made in Leos historic Fender Avenue factory in Fullerton, California.

What does G&L guitars stand for?

George & Leo Founding G&L In 1980, he co-founded G&L with his old buddy George Fullerton (who had continued to work with Leo at Music Man) along with veteran Fender salesman Dale Hyatt. The company name, G&L, stood for George & Leo.

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