Question: What makes being in a relationship worth it?

Being in a long-term relationship can allow you to get to know and understand your partner really well and for them to know and understand you. This brings natural flow and depth to your conversations. Understanding each other and trusting each other creates emotional intimacy.

Is it worth it to be in a relationship?

Its obvious youre in love because youre in a relationship, but the bottom line is – do you enjoy being with them more than you enjoy being without them? But if you hate the thought of being apart from your partner for too long, or being without them completely, then your relationship is definitely worth keeping.

What is good about being in a relationship?

Being in a healthy and supportive relationship can actually have a big boost on your happiness level, according to several studies. Being in love has a big effect on your oxytocin level, which promotes bonding and comfort. This is why you love being around your partner, and why just being near them can boost your mood.

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