Question: What are some fun what am I quizzes with a total of 40 questions?

What are some good questions for quizzes?

My 40 great example questions for hosting your first quizHow many time zones are there in Russia? ( Whats the national flower of Japan? ( How many stripes are there on the US flag? ( Whats the national animal of Australia? ( How many days does it take for the Earth to orbit the Sun? (More items •Jun 1, 2021

What is a good number of questions for a quiz?

Aim for 7 questions. With 7 questions, your quiz is long enough to cover the subject but quick enough to be easily completed. To make sure all 7 questions are the best they can be, start by brainstorming 14 questions and then eliminate any that arent fun, are too difficult, or dont correlate well with your outcomes.

How do I make a quiz really fun?

If youre getting bored of the standard general knowledge, these 10 round ideas should make your next quiz a little more lively:Scavenger hunt. Music round. Picture round. Wipeout round. Social media round. Video round. Numbers round. Voices round.More items •May 22, 2020

What are some GK questions?

GK QuestionsWho is the Father of our Nation? Who was the first President of India? Who is known as Father of Indian Constitution? Which is the most sensitive organ in our body? Giddha is the folk dance of? Who was the first Prime Minister of India? Which is the heavier metal of these two? Who invented Computer?More items •19 May 2019

How many rounds do you need for a quiz night?

A good quiz should be between four and eight rounds of 10 questions each and include a mixture of different rounds. Be careful not to give it too much of a human rights focus or you might end up alienating those who arent active campaigners.

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