Question: What is the approximate upper limit of age for dating with ESR or TL?

The dating range of ESR goes well beyond the radiocarbon barrier and covers about the last 500,000 years.

What is the principle of electron spin resonance?

Principle of Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) It spins around its axis and this causes it to act like a tiny bar magnet. When a molecule or compound with an unpaired electron is placed in a strong magnetic field The spin of the unpaired electron can align in two different ways creating two spin states ms = ± ½.

Is fluorine dating absolute?

Fluorine dating provides only a relative date for bone, revealing whether specimens are older or younger than one another or if they are of the same age (Berger and Protsch, 1991; Lyman et al., 2012).

What is significance of Lande g factor?

The Lande g-factor is a quantity which characterizes energy levels of electrons in magnetic field. The g-factor is important because the behavior of electron spins can be manipulated by controlling the electron g-factor.

What is g-factor in ESR?

The g-value of a free electron is 2.0023, and the g-values of most free radicals are very close to this value, since the unpaired electron has very little orbital contribution to the magnetic moment.

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