Question: Who is the new cast of Dancing With the Stars?

How old is Helen the judge on Dancing With the Stars?

76 She appeared as a judge in the Australian television series Dancing with the Stars from the 1st to the 15th season .Helen Richey (dancer)Helen RicheyBornc. 1945 (aged 76) Melbourne, Victoria, AustraliaGenresBallroom dancer, Latin danceOccupation(s)Dancer, TV personality

What age is Helen Ritchie?

76 years (January 19, 1945) Helen Richey/Age

Where does Paul Mercurio live now?

Mornington Peninsula Hes been a beacon of positivity on the big and small screen, especially after appearing on Strictly Ballroom, and now Paul Mercurio has reinvented himself as a politician to help fix the problems in his own backyard on Victorias Mornington Peninsula.

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