Question: How do I identify a Hummel?

Which Hummel do I have?

The first thing you need to do is look for the Goebel trademark, also known as a TMK, at the bottom of your Hummel figurine. Each Goebel-produced figurine is stamped with the company logo. Different logos were used in different periods, which makes it easy to identify how old your Hummel is.

What is the Hummel symbol?

The name Hummel in German means bumblebee and the V stands for “Verkaufsgesellschat” or Distribution Company. This new mark was called the Full Bee and was used until 1955. There are twelve variations of the Bee mark to be found on Goebel-produced M.I.

Where is the number on a Hummel?

Hummel number (HUM Num) – This is an etched 1 to 4 digit number on the bottom of the Hummel. This number is used to identify what Hummel you have. The Hummel number is used as the main way to identify a Hummel. Every Hummel will have a HUM Num see the image below for more information on this.

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