Question: Can you trust a Taurus woman?

The Taurus female is loyal and dependable, but dont risk losing her trust. Find out what it is like to date a Taurean woman.

What kind of person is a Taurus woman?

Taurus women are gentle, kind, and loyal. It takes them a long time to open up to new people. However, once they make a friend, they consider them a friend for life. They wont want to part ways because they grow attached.

How do you know if a Taurus woman trusts you?

She leans in. All Tauruses want to be close to the object of their desire. These bulls are creatures of the five senses, lovers of pleasure, appreciators of everything about you that they can see, smell and touch. If the Taurus woman loves you, shes going to want to sit real close to you when she can.

What are the bad traits of a Taurus woman?

Here are some negative traits of this zodiac:Blunt. Taurians are known for being straight-forward and blunt. Unidirectional. Taurians work towards one direction. Anger. Anger The Bull and watch your world crumble. Possessive. The Bull is extremely possessive of his belongings. Stubborn.3 Jun 2018

How do you comfort a Taurus woman?

TAURUS (April 20 - May 20) The kind of comforting that often works best for Taurus is letting them know youre there for them and that you care. Give them your full attention, dont try to maneuver the conversation back to you, and be appropriately affectionate with them.

How does a Taurus woman flirt?

Youll know Taurus is flirting with you because shell likely be all over you. Taurus is super sensitive to touch; she loves hand-holding, brushing arms, and shoulder rubs. If she starts holding onto your arm unexpectedly, dont point it out, or shell quickly move her arm just out of spite and embarrassment!

Are Taurus physically attractive?

After all, Taurus is known for being sensual, sweet, and comfortable in their own skin. You love indulging in the finer things in life, and you always go out looking like a million bucks. But not only are you physically blessed, but you also have a good head on your shoulders.

Are Taurus dark side?

At the same time, Taurus has negative personality traits. Taurus is know to be slow and plodding, stubborn, and intimidatingly angry when provoked. Their ruling planet is Venus, the planet of the love goddess.

What if a Taurus woman ignores you?

Give them space. Nothing but patience will work with a Taurus. If your Taurus is ignoring you, the very best thing you can do is to give them the time and space they need to work through whatever is going on. They need their time to think about things and having you chasing them down wont help.

How do you apologize to a Taurus woman?

You may choose to apologize in person, by phone or in writing. Face-to-face apologies are usually the best way to apologize to a Taurus because it shows your courage and sincerity--qualities this sign respects. However, it can be very stressful and remembering what to say under pressure can be difficult.

How do you beat a Taurus woman?

Taurus can get depressed, and feel lazy, and guilty for not making the most of their life. This is a sign that likes to relax, but also to feel productive. If you foster confidence in her gifts and encourage effort, shell see you as a cheerleader for a satisfying life. Thats the best way to win over a Taurus woman.

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