Question: Is the Ashley Madison dating site free for women?

After the data breach in July and August 2015, Ashley Madison worked hard, came back stronger, and now has over 60 million users. Both men and women can join for free and browse for a person to have some fun with but men are required to sign up for a premium membership plan to connect with others.

How much does Ashley Madison cost for women?

How much does Ashley Madison cost?SubscriptionCreditsPrice Per CreditPremium Basic100 credits$0.59 per creditPremium Classic500 credits$0.34 per creditPremium Elite1000 credits$0.29 per credit

Do women have to buy credits on Ashley Madison?

Ashley Madison is a discreet hookup site that allows single and married users to interact with each other. However, users must purchase credits to get the full functionality of the website. Credits on Ashley Madison are 1000 credits for $249, 500 credits for $149, and 100 credits for $49.

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