Question: Are there dating apps but for friends?

Moxco Inc. Bumble isnt just for dating anymore! Bumble BFF allows you to meet new people around you to create friendships. In fact, the concept works the same—swipe right for people youd love to go on a friend date with, and swipe left for those you think you might not have much in common with.

Is there a dating app but to make friends?

Created and launched by the team behind one of the most popular dating apps, Bumble BFF is for people searching for platonic yet meaningful relationships with others. According to the apps creators, Bumble BFF aims to make it easy for anyone to “build a supportive community around them—no matter where they are.”

Is there an app like tinder for friends?

Patook. Patook is the newest app on the scene, allowing you to make friends with people in your immediate vicinity. Despite having a similar swiping system to Tinder, Patook is strictly platonic – and we mean really strictly.

How does Bumble BFF work for guys?

Bumble BFF is a new feature within the popular dating app that lets users swipe for friends. Once both people swipe right on a photo, each person has 24 hours to start the conversation. Bumble tells NBC News that nearly 1 million men have used BFF since the feature launched in March.

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