Question: What happens when you break an Aquarius heart?

One of the darkest Aquarius traits is their tendency to be ice cold. That said, Aquarians arent always like that, as so many people like to believe. Even though the Aquarius personality might revert to an unemotional, detached persona when going through a breakup, theyre actually really hurt inside.

Can you break an Aquarius heart?

Aquarius may be known as the “ice queen” of the zodiac, but as Disney taught us, love can thaw a frozen heart. You can be just as sweet and romantic as everyone else. Despite what some may think, you also feel heartbreak just like everyone else.

How do Aquarius get over a breakup?

Aquarius. When a relationship is over, its completely over to you. Youll block your ex from your phone, your social media, and your life. Youll never allow yourself to think of them again.

What happens when you anger an Aquarius?

How Aquarius Are When Theyre Mad. When mad, an Aquarius will often just stop talking to the person who angered them. They will get into their car, or lock themselves away in their room with their favourite music, in order to cool off and feel better.

How does Aquarius man feel after breakup?

How Does an Aquarius Man Feel After a Breakup? If you broke up with him, then he may feel betrayed. Aquarius men are very loyal, so if you regret your decision and want to get him back, this may not be easy to do. If the breakup was messy, its unlikely he will forgive and forget, especially if cheating was involved.

Do Aquarius regret breakups?

As the ultimate freedom-seeker of the zodiac, Aquarius tend to do just fine after a breakup. This progressive sign is always looking towards the future. Theyre more logical than emotional, so youll rarely ever see them crying over an ex.

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