Question: What happens when the bachelorette gets Bzzzd?

What does Katie Thurston do for a living?

Katie Lane Thurston (born January 3, 1991) is an American television personality and bank marketing manager.

What happens in the finale of The Bachelorette?

Katie Thurstons reign as “The Bachelorette” has come to an end. During Mondays three-hour finale, Katie walked away engaged to Blake Moynes. But the path to engagement was less than smooth. Viewers last saw the Season 17 lead locked in the bathroom on the heels of her breakup with former front-runner Greg Grippo.

Who does Katie pick?

Despite struggling to process it all, Katie sticks around for this weeks finale, where she has two men to choose from: Blake, a latecomer originally from last season who she has obvious chemistry with, and Justin, who sneakily made his way to the finale after not making many waves this season beyond his memorable

Whats the age limit for The Bachelor?

All applicants must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age at the time of application. 2. All applicants must be legal residents of the United States or Canada (excluding Quebec).

What is Katie from The Bachelors job?

bank marketing manager What was Katies job before The Bachelorette? In her Bachelor bio for Matts season, Katie listed her job as a “bank marketing manager.” Per various reports, Katie worked at First Financial Northwest in Seattle, Washington. According to In Touch, the average salary for a bank marketing manager in Seattle is $114,612.

Is Blake and Katie together?

Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes have taken their romance across the border! The Bachelorette star, 30, took a trip to Canada to visit her 31-year-old fiancés home country in the days following Mondays season 17 finale, during which the two officially got engaged.

Who is Katie engaged to?

“The Bachelorette” star got engaged to Blake Moynes on Monday nights finale of the reality show. The wildlife manager, who also happened to be celebrating his 31st birthday on Monday, proposed to Thurston after she ended her romance with Justin Glaze and mourned the explosive end of her relationship with Greg Grippo.

Who is Katie from Bachelor 2021?

Katie Thurston Katie Thurston, a 30-year-old bank marketing manager from Renton, Washington, was announced as the season 17 Bachelorette at The Bachelor season 25 “After the Final Rose” special on March 15.

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