Question: Was Stevie really pregnant on McLeods Daughters?

After Tess and Nick leave for Argentina, Stevie becomes the primary person in charge at Drovers until Jodi and the McLeod cousins receive their shares. She goes on to marry Alex Ryan, and discovers, that she is pregnant while Alex is in Argentina working with Nick.

Does Stevie leave Drovers Run?

Stevie is forced to leave Drovers Run when Grace accuses her of disloyalty.

Does Stevie stay on McLeods Daughters?

Stevie has the baby boy very shortly after, and after calling him Wombat for some time, she names him Alexander Xander Hall Ryan. She continues on as part-owner of both Drovers and Killarney, appearing until the series finale.

Is McLeods Daughters based on a true story?

Despite being set in the country town of Gungellan, the home town of the McLeod family is completely fictitious. The show was filmed in the town of Freeling in South Australia, which is about 60km north of Adelaide, and borders the states famous Barossa Valley region. READ NEXT: McLeods Daughters

Does Stevie and Alex have a baby?

Stevie gives birth to a son named Alexander Xander Hall Ryan soon after Alex dies. A short time before deciding on the name(s) Xander is called wombat.

Is Jodi Jack McLeods daughter?

Jodi is the youngest child of Jack McLeod. She was born on Drovers Run in 1982 to Jack and Meg Fountain. Jack and Meg were not married; their relationship and Jodis paternity were kept secret for many years.

Do Nick and Tess get divorced?

Tess and Nick eventually rekindle their relationship and get married. Not long after, Nick takes a job on a farm in Argentina, and they leave Drovers. Tess begins to mourn him, but Nick is found alive and returns to Drovers.

Is there a McLeods Daughters movie?

McLeods Daughters creator reflects on the shows 20th anniversary and the upcoming movie. Ben Harden@benharden_QCL EXCLUSIVE 9 Aug 2021, 6 a.m. Now an origin movie is officially in the works.

Is Jack really jack Mcleods son?

Jack McLeod John Jack McLeod was born in 1941 and was one of two grandchildren of Hamish and Henrietta McLeod. Hamish and Henrietta founded Drovers Run, and its believed that Henrietta ran the farm when Hamish passed away.

What happened to Harry Ryans wife on McLeods Daughters?

Claire McLeod died in a car accident when her Ute went over a cliff. Tess and Charlotte were also in the accident, but managed to escape the vehicle before it crashed. Harry Ryan died from a heart attack. It was later revealed that Sandra had tampered with his heart medication.

Was McLeods Daughters Cancelled?

Its official – McLeods Daughters is getting its own spin-off, over 11 years after its final episode.

Is there a reboot of McLeods Daughters?

McLeods Daughters will be celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2021. The story of a group of women running a rural property called Drovers Run, the show premiered just before the September 11 attacks shook the world, and turned out to be just what viewers wanted to watch.

Is there a season 9 of McLeods Daughters?

Its official – McLeods Daughters is getting its own spin-off, over 11 years after its final episode.

Is Jack really Tess brother on McLeods Daughters?

Jasmine McLeod, Tess cousin arrives on Drovers. She is the daughter of Hugh McLeod, Jack McLeods brother.

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