Question: Should I use an alias?

An email alias is useful for both work and your personal life. By using an alias (or several), not only will you be able to keep your inbox organized, but youll gain some privacy and security as well. An email alias is a bit like a disguise — only the people you identify will know your true identity.

Can you legally use an alias?

Generally, a person can use whatever name they wish, however, legal documents issued, such as drivers licenses, will require proof, such as a birth certificate and may require a legal change of name if the alias is used.

Is using an alias a crime?

However, using an alias isnt necessarily a crime. However, if a person uses hard evidence, such as an id or social security card, to attempt to prove an alias, that person could be charged with felony identity theft.

Can I send email from an alias?

Yes, you could now send emails using your alias address.

How does an alias work?

An alias is an email address that forwards all the mail it receives to another email address (or several) that you specify. For example, you could create an alias called for which all the mail would be automatically forwarded to you at another account,

What does the A stand for in AKA?

also known as Definition of aka k. a. is an abbreviation for also known as. a.k.a. is used especially when referring to someones nickname or stage name.

Is aka unprofessional?

3 Answers. If youre using it literally (i.e. - to specify an alternative name used naturally by [at least some] other people for the thing youre talking about) then it should be fine in most formal contexts.

Is aka slang?

aka is an abbreviation for also known as. aka is used especially when referring to someones nickname or stage name.

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