Question: Are you the one couples list?

Is anyone still a couple from Are You the One?

While Amber and Ethan were together for most of season 1, they didnt figure out they were officially “perfect matches” until the season finale — and theyve been together ever since. They got engaged during the reunion special, and are now married with two daughters, Scarlett and Serena.

How many couples from Are You the One are together?

The seasons have featured between eight and eleven couples. In theory, there should be a lot of people who left the show and continued to have a long term relationship. However, out of eight seasons, only four couples remain together.

Did anyone from Season 3 of Are You the One stay together?

It doesnt look like anyone from Are You The One season 3 is still together, after a deep dive into their social media accounts and a little online research. According to In Touch Weekly, Hannah and Zak continued their relationship post-show, but they broke up a few years ago. Hopefully, Netflix will reboot the series!

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