Question: Which is the safest suburb in Durban?

Why are they rioting in South Africa?

The immediate trigger for the unrest at the beginning of last week was the jailing of Jacob Zuma, the former South African president now implicated in a sprawling inquiry into allegations of bribery and corruption under his tenure.

Whats it like to live in Durban?

Durban is a sunny seaside city, rich in diversity and warm not only because of its favorable climate, but especially for its welcoming people. Living in Durban guarantees top quality service and a wide range of opportunities all year round.

Is there winter in Durban?

With its hot, sunny summers and warm, dry winters, Durban is a seaside paradise no matter the season. This warm subtropical climate makes Durban the perfect holiday destination 365 days of the year! This city is often hailed as the place with no winter. Temperatures in the winter months average between 16° C and 24° C.

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