Question: What is the dating age limit in Minnesota?

The age of consent in Minnesota is 16 years old. Furthermore, a child between 13 and 16 of age can legally consent to sex with someone who is not more than two years older than them.

Can a 17 year old date an 18 year old Minnesota?

Age of Consent in Minnesota is 16 For example, in the state of Minnesota, the age of consent is 16. This means that if a 16 year old and a 17-year -old were dating each other and the 17-year-old turned 18, the 18 year old could be arrested for statutory rape.

Can a 17 year old date a 30 year old in Minnesota?

Generally, this means that as long as both partners are older than 16, any age difference between them does not matter. The age of consent law in Minnesota only applies to heterosexual conduct, and the state currently has no valid statute which sets the age of consent for homosexual conduct.

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