Question: How do you use JSwipe?

On JSwipe, you swipe through one profile at a time just like on Tinder. You can also check multiple photos at a time in the “Explore” section. When swiping, you tap on the blue heart if you are interested, the red X to pass and if you want to use your Super Swipe click on the yellow star.

Does JSwipe Post to Facebook?

This popular dating app is available for both iOS and Android. After downloading, youll then register by signing into your Facebook. (Yes, Facebook is still required to use JSwipe.)

How do you like someone on JSwipe?

Heart - This indicates you are saying Yes, or Liking their profile. You can also swipe right to indicate this.

How do you know if someone likes you on JSwipe?

Your Liked Me, Matches and Chats features are conveniently located by tapping the chat icon from the top of your main swiping page. Liked Me - These are members who liked your profile. You can view the profile and either pass on the profile (X), or like the profile back (chat icon).

Can you rematch with someone on Jswipe?

The good news is, you can match with them again in the future if you both swipe right on each other.

How do I get more matches on Jswipe?

You can message people who have liked you before swiping in the “Liked Me” section. You can use choose to boost your profile which gets you more exposure and earns you more matches.

Does match keep old profiles?

Match promises to keep your profile information for at least one year, so that you can choose to reactivate. Match will keep your personal information for an unknown period of time for historical and legal purposes.

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