Question: What are the dangers of living in New Mexico?

Is living in New Mexico dangerous?

A low number of cops and a high number of violent crimes have landed New Mexico low on the list of the safest states to live in. New Mexico finished ahead of only Tennessee, South Carolina, Mississippi and Oklahoma. Massachusetts was deemed the safest state to live in.

What is the most dangerous city in New Mexico?

Española Besides being the lowrider capital of the world, Española has earned a new title — most dangerous city in New Mexico, according to the most recent available crime statistics by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

How much do you have to make to live comfortably in New Mexico?

The income needed to live comfortably in New Mexico is $42,445. 50% of this is for necessities, 30% is for discretionary spending, and 20% is for savings. According to Living Wage, a single person with no children can live off of $13.97 per hour in Mexico, or $26,880 a year.

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