Question: Who is Miley Cyrus Best Friend 2021?

Miley Cyrus and Emily Osment are still best friends in real life in 2021 | Miley cyrus, Miley, Emily osment.

Who is Miley Cyrus real best friend?

Emily Osment Miley Cyrus and Emily Osment played best friends on Hannah Montana. Now, theyre spending time in the real world and reflecting on their time as part of the massively popular shows cast.

Is Miley still best friends with Leslie?

In 2007, Miley Cyrus name drops Lesley Patterson in the chorus of her hit single See You Again with the line Felt like I couldnt breathe/ You asked whats wrong with me/ My best friend Lesley said, Oh, shes just being Miley. Even though a decade has passed, the girls have apparently remained friends.

Who is friends with Miley Cyrus?

And throughout it all, smiley Miley has consistently shared red carpet flashbulb time with her talented Disney Channel peers, i.e. the JoBros, Vanessa Hudgens and Demi Lovato.

Is Mitchel Musso still friends with Miley Cyrus?

Then in August 2018, Musso shared a few throwback photos of himself, Cyrus, and the Hannah Montana cast. My mom found these photos. Im glad she did, he captioned the pic. It seems like Musso and Cyrus are still friends despite the lack of public in-person meet-ups over the years.

Who is Mileys BFF Leslie?

Lesley Patterson Among the hundreds of fans in attendance was Cyrus longtime best friend Lesley Patterson. Patterson was mentioned by name in the chorus Cyrus 2007 single See You Again when Cyrus sings my best friend Lesley said Oh shes just being Miley.

Are Miley and Lily really friends?

While they played the ideal friends on-screen, there was a time when Cyrus and Osment were just as close as their characters in real life and would even gush about their friendship. “When we first met, automatically she and I were really, really close.

Who is Hannah Montanas best friend?

Lilly Truscott Emily Osment portrayed Lilly Truscott, Mileys trustworthy best friend. She was a huge fan of Hannah Montana long before finding out that her friend was the singer underneath the blonde wing.

Did Miley really have a horse named Blue Jeans?

Blue Jeans is the name of Miley Stewarts horse. He was first seen in Hannah Montana: The Movie living in Tennessee. He reappears in Miley Says Goodbye? when Miley brings him back home to Malibu.

Who is Miley Cyruss mum?

Tish Cyrus Miley Cyrus/Mothers Miley Cyrus worked with her mom, Tish, on her cool Los Angeles home. This Mothers Day, Miley Cyrus has an extra reason to be thankful for her mom. In a new feature on, the 28-year-old singer showed off her cool Los Angeles home that was lovingly designed by Tish Cyrus—her mom and manager of 16 years.

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