Question: What does lucky in love Pyrex look like?

The design is of green grass with clovers running along the bottom of the dish and pink hearts interspersed throughout the middle of the dish. The one owned by the Corning Museum of Glass is unique in that there are no pink hearts on the design, only the green grass and clovers.

Which Pyrex dishes are worth money?

Patterned Pyrex—such as the 1956 Pink Daisy or the 1983 Colonial Mist—also tend to be valuable as a collectors item. Some patterned collections, like the 1959 Lucky in Love heart and four-leaf clover design, have been valued as high as $4,000 for one bowl.

Balloons is one of the most popular of the rare Pyrex patterns out there. The Balloons pattern was only available on the Cinderella Chip and Dip Set as a Spring 1958 promotion. The Chip and Dip set has a beautiful turquoise blue background and white vintage hot air balloon pattern.

What is the Holy Grail of Pyrex?

Get excited, Pyrex collectors. So rare is the original cookware covered in clovers, hearts, and a grass base, its hailed by fan groups including Pyrex Passion and Pyrex Love as the holy grail of Pyrex. The coveted round opalware glass casserole dish even sold for more than $4,000 on eBay in 2015.

Are old Pyrex dishes valuable?

Some vintage Pyrex can earn up to $3,000, reports NPR—nevermind that its not dishwasher safe, and its a pain to lug around compared to modern iterations. Sure enough, we found a 1950s set selling for $1,850 on Etsy, and one from 1960 for $700 on eBay. Theres even a rare vintage Pyrex bowl mold going for $1,000.

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