Question: What does D mean on silver?

D = Fifth Quality = 6 grams on 12 pieces = 0 1/2 grams per table spoon or table fork.

What does D sterling mean?

Sterling silver is marked in this country by, Sterling, or 925. An implement with a silver appearance Not marked as above is silverplate. While there are other shiney metals, only silver (sterling or plate) tarnishes and need to be polished. Hope that helps.

What does the lion symbol on silver mean?

A stamp indicating the purity of the silver is called the assayers mark. The mark for silver meeting the sterling standard of purity is the Lion Passant, but there have been other variations over the years, most notably the mark indicating Britannia purity.

Is 900 sterling silver?

900 silver is real silver with a relatively high purity. The number 900 refers to its level of purity, and it means that that your silver item is 90% silver and 10% alloy. 900 silver was used instead of 999 fine silver because more alloy means that the coins would be more dent-resistant.

What is the highest quality sterling silver?

999 silver jewelry is the closest youll get to pure silver. Its called . 999 silver because its technically 99.9% pure silver! This type of silver is the highest quality silver you can buy.

Why is sterling silver so expensive?

Because sterling silver jewelry is an expensive investment all around the world, the 92.5 percent composition is a hard requirement for jewelers to say theyre selling sterling silver. Its illegal to market silver with a different composition and claim it is sterling silver.

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