Question: Is there going to be a Sweet Home Alabama 2?

We are not making a sequel that I know of, but if Disney wants to call me, I would happily make a Sweet Home Alabama 2! When ET spoke to Lucas a few years later, the actor likewise expressed a willingness to reprise his role as Jake, as long as Witherspoon did so with her role of Melanie.

What happened to the cat in Sweet Home Alabama?

When Melanie was 10 years old she tried to euthanize a cat who had cancer by stapping dynamite to its back and lighting the fuse. The cat ran into the bank when the fuse reached its tail and the bank blew up. The cat got away. From Quiz: Sweet Home Alabama The Movie.

What happens at the end of Sweet Home Alabama?

The film ultimately ends with Witherspoons character staying with her ex-husband, and the pair of them get married again. Yet a different denouement was filmed that would have seen the pair embracing – only to be promptly struck by lightning.

Is there a Confederate flag in Sweet Home Alabama?

Its all very predictable and theres a notably diluted, sanitised Alabama shown on screen: Lynyrd Skynyrds classic track is adopted as the unofficial state anthem, as opposed to Dixie, of which we get just a few coy bars on the soundtrack; the confederate flag is glimpsed subliminally in a picturesque Civil War re-

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