Question: Who is Victoria from Celebs Go Dating Dating?

Did Calum Best Date Victoria?

Who is Victoria? Victoria Winterford is a 27-year-old former beauty queen and personal trainer from Essex. She first met Calum Best back in 2017 when she was matched with the reality star on Celebs Go Dating. Victoria was also matched with James Arg Argent from TOWIE and even went on a date with him afterwards.

Are Victoria and Lotan together?

Although this has neither been confirmed nor denied by either since filming took place last summer, from their Instagram profiles alone, its clear they are not in a relationship. Victoria still follows Michael on Instagram and has even posted a picture of the two of them filming. But Michael does not follow Victoria.

Who is Victoria from celebrity ex on the beach?

Television and media personality. Victoria Pattison (born 16 November 1987) is an English television and media personality. She is best known for appearing in the MTV shows Geordie Shore from 2011 until 2014, Ex on the Beach in 2014 and 2015 and her own show Judge Geordie in 2015.

How old is Victoria winterford?

CastEpisodesNameAge (at start of series)15Michael Griffiths2715Ellie Brown2114David McIntosh348Victoria Winterford2620 more rows

Who is Chris from ex on the beach?

Chris PearsonEx On The Beach 1 (US)ClassificationSingles/OGsExesChelsko, HaleyEpisodes118 more rows

Who is Megan Rapley?

Megan is a fashion model who wows her followers with her mass array of stunning photo shoot images on a daily basis. Megan also appeared on “Celebrity Ex on the beach” in 2020 alongside Joey Essex, Georgia Harrison and of course Calum Best.

Is Georgia from Ex on the Beach Single?

EX On The Beachs Georgia Steel and Callum Izzard have split and called off their engagement. The reality TV stars set their sights on marriage just a month after they started dating last year. But the whirlwind relationship is over just seven months later after Callum moved out of their home during lockdown.

How old is Chris from ex on the beach?

21-year-old Bio: 21-year-old Chris AKA Creatures Ferris is an international house DJ and a ladies man who boils everything in his life down to whether its “Gucci” or “Not Gucci”.

Who was Paulie dating on ex on the beach?

Paulie CalafioreExesLexiHookupsLexiEpisodes11Social Media11 more rows

Is Callum and Georgia still together 2020?

Georgia Steel has broken her silence on her devastating split from fiancé Callum Izzard. The Love Islander, 22, and the Ibiza Weekender, 25, ended their engagement in April, after a whirlwind seven month romance.

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