Question: Why is sexting bad?

What are the consequences of sexting? There is a risk that their image will be made available to others. This leads to a high level of distress for a young person, and it can lead to them resorting to coping in unhealthy ways such as self-harming, isolating themselves and restricting their dietary intake.

Can you get caught for sexting?

Sexting between two consenting adults is not prohibited by law. However, sending or receiving sexually explicit content to a person under 18 years is unlawful and in some instances considered child pornography or sexual exploitation and attracts criminal charges.

Where can I report sexting?

Heres what to do if your image gets shared online:If youre under 18 report it to eSafety or the police.Tell a teacher if the person who shared/posted it is from your school.Untag yourself from the photo.Report the image so it can be removed.Report the person who posted it.More items

Can you get addicted to sexting?

For some people, sexting or sending sexually explicit material via digital devices can turn into an addiction. 1 While sexting addiction is not a diagnosable mental health condition, many experts say it can be part of sexual addiction and have a significant impact on daily functioning.

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