Question: When is the busiest time for dating apps?

The first Sunday in January is officially the busiest day of the year on dating apps according to Plenty of Fish, Tinder, and Bumble. Dating Sunday apparently kickstarts dating season and is the beginning of the most active months for romancing.

What are the peak hours for Bumble?

App founder Whitney Wolfe has shared that Bumble activity is at its peak around 6pm, and people spend the most time on the app on Sundays. So Sunday around 6 pm would be the ideal time to activate the Spotlight feature if you want maximum exposure for your money.

Does it matter what time you use tinder?

Tinder just released its year in swipe, revealing—amongst other things—the best time of day (and day of week) you should be swiping to get a match. According to their research, the most popular day of the week to swipe was… And if you wanna get real specific, the best time is between 6 and 9pm.

How do I date in 2021?

10 Ways to Up Your Dating Game in 2021Appreciate how dating is different now. Keep all options open. Be ready for “the talk” Forget prerequisites. Cut it off with the “maybes,” already! Visualize your best self. Remember that “no” is not a dirty word. Use alone time to your advantage.More items •8 Jan 2021

Does it matter what time you swipe on dating apps?

If you match with someone on an app, you have no idea what time they swiped right on you. If you are looking for a relationship on Tinder, consider that anyone who is looking for something serious and has their life together is generally not chatting with people on the app past 10 p.m., says Resnick.

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