Question: Are Phil and Kat together?

Who has Kat slept with in EastEnders?

Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace) makes a shocking admission in EastEnders, as she reveals that she had sex with Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden).One to watch: Friday March 5 at 8:05pm on BBC One.If youve got a soap or TV story, video or pictures get in touch by emailing us – wed love to hear from you.More items •1 Mar 2021

How many times has Phil Mitchell been married in EastEnders?

Phil Mitchell has been married four times. His first wife was Romanian refugee Nadia Boravac, who wanted a visa to stay in the UK. He then tied the knot with Kathy, before having another romance with Sharon. Phil met undercover policewoman Kate Morton when she was investigating his ex Lisas disappearance.

Is Kat Slater Stacys Mom?

Kats parents are the late Viv Slater and Charlie Slater, with her nan being Mo Harris. She is the second cousin of Stacey, Sean Slater, as well as their half-brother Kyle Slater. Kats sisters are former residents Belinda, Little Mo and Lynne Slater, while Zoe Slater is her daughter.

Who did Janine Butcher have a baby with?

When Ryan confesses his love for Janine, she recoils, but when he attempts to leave Walford, she admits she loves him too. Despite Janine nearly straying on her hen night, she and Ryan marry, but marital happiness is short-lived when Ryan discovers he is the father of Staceys daughter Lily.

Is Phil Mitchell in EastEnders dead?

Phil now has many enemies: Lisa; Steve, who also knows about Mel and Phils one night stand; Ian, who Phil bullies mercilessly; Mark, who wants to avenge Lisa; and Dan. On Steve and Mels wedding night, Phil is shot and collapses in a pool of blood.

Who is the father of Stacey Slaters daughter?

When they return, Stacey tells Max Branning (Jake Wood) that Ryan is Lilys father and has been acting like he does not care. Max confronts Ryan, revealing to Janine that Ryan is the father. He then confronts Stacey saying that he wants nothing to do with his daughter.

Who is the father of Janine butchers baby?

Michael Moon For a while it looked like she had found contentment with husband and father of her little girl Scarlett, Michael Moon, but the stress of parenthood made Janine increasingly paranoid about Michaels true intentions. This lead to Janine fleeing The Square, leaving Michael holding the baby.

How old is kat slater?

30 year 30 year old Kat arrives in Walford on 18 September 2000, along with her family: father Charlie, sisters Lynne, Little Mo and Zoe, and grandmother Mo Harris.

Is Martin Lilys dad?

However fans have remembered that Lily isnt actually Martins child. She was born after Stacey Slater slept with Ryan Malloy - and has had a relationship with him ever since she was born. But the soap appears to have forgotten that fact.

What happened Zoe Slater?

Zoe teamed up with Chrissie Watts and Sam Mitchell to get revenge on Den. While Zoe believed she killed Den, Chrissie was responsible for his death. Zoe left Walford to go to Ibiza while Chrissie was eventually caught and charged with Dens murder. In 2015, Kat revealed Zoe was now living in Spain.

Who was Zoe Slaters dad?

Charlie Slater Trevor MorganHarry Slater Zoe Slater/Father Zoe Slater first arrived in Walford in September 2000 with her family, which consists of her sisters Kat (Jessie Wallace), Lynne (Elaine Lordan) and Little Mo (Kacey Ainsworth); their father Charlie (Derek Martin), and grandmother Mo (Laila Morse) Over a year later, Zoe and Kat argue about Zoes decision to move away

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