Question: What is theCHIVE app used for?

theCHIVE App is the most-downloaded humor app in Android history. The content variety is a unique mix of Humor, Hotness, and Humanity. No long-winded articles, just your daily dose of the most amusing photos and videos the internet has to offer.

Does the chive app cost money?

How much does theCHIVE membership cost? theCHIVE membership is just $4.99 per month. There are plenty of things that cost more than $4.99 per month, let us list a few: An expensive coffee drink.

What does it mean to Shive someone?

transitive verb. informal. : to stab or cut (someone) with a shiv (see shiv entry 1) shivved him in the back — often used figuratively Any signs of dissent will result in his personally shivving the offender politically …— Hayes Brown.

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