Question: Is Michael dating Pams mom?

The Lover is the 7th episode of the sixth season of the American comedy series The Office and the shows 107th episode overall. In this episode, Jim and Pam return from their honeymoon and discover that Michael is dating Pams mother, which infuriates her.

Is it wrong for Michael to date Pams mom?

Once Michael saw the light and realized dating Pams mom was a bad idea, he broke it off with her on her birthday. And while Pam was happy the two were no longer dating, she was even more mad at Michael for breaking her mothers heart.

How old is Michael Scott when he is dating Pams mom?

Sharp as a tack, Michael immediately picked up on Pams comment and added nine to 49 on an envelope and said with a grimace, “So youre 54?” To which Helene responded, “No, Im 58.” I believe in a previous episode it was determined that Michael is around 41 and that he very much wants his own children.

How old was Pams mom when Michael dumped her?

Read all. Michael sparks more anger from Pam when he breaks up with her mom on her birthday after he finds out shes 58, and Dwight unsuccessfully tries to get everyone in the office to owe him a favor.

Why was Pams mom recast?

“Once somebody was established to play a character they were that person or they didnt come back,” the actor explained. “The reason we broke the rule with Pams mom and recasting is because the writers came up with a storyline that Michael would date Pams mom.” The idea was too good to pass up.

When Jim finds out Michael is dating Pams mom?

The Lover The Lover is the 7th episode of the sixth season of the American comedy series The Office and the shows 107th episode overall. It was written by Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky and directed by Eisenberg. It originally aired on October 22, 2009 on NBC.

How did Jim and Pam get together?

After years of back and forth between the co-workers, Jim finally asks Pam out on a date during season three, episode 25 of The Office. The first time the couple kiss is actually back in season two, episode 22 of the show, called Casino Night.

Is the office US scripted?

A complete script was written for each episode; however, actors were given opportunities to improvise during filming. Fischer said, Our shows are 100 percent scripted. They put everything down on paper.

Why didnt Michael talk in The Office finale?

Though The Office had said goodbye to Michael Scott, showrunner Greg Daniels knew he wanted Carell to return in the shows series finale. The only problem was, Daniels didnt want anyone to know about it — even the cast and the network, NBC. 8 episode of An Oral History of The Office podcast.

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