Question: What do guys think when a girl makes the first move?

Girls making the first move signals confidence, independence and a will to go after what she has her heart set on – and thats the kind of woman men would give anything to be with. Well, men of substance anyway – and those are the only kind worth being with. The bottom line is most guys want to be approached by women.

What does it mean when she makes the first move?

make the first moveto do something first, especially in order to end a quarrel or start a relationship Men say they like it when women make the first move.

Why are guys scared of the first move?

Why some guys are afraid to make the first move: They want to respect your boundaries. Women will tell you that you shouldnt ask them to kiss them. They said they just want you to kiss them, but in this day and age, that can be a violation. Why do some men lose interest once youre interested?

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