Question: What should I wear in Serbia?

We like to mix it up with dresses, skirts, casual tops with jeans, and lots of outfits with leggings. In my opinion, leggings and a dress are more comfortable than wearing jeans on a long, hot Balkan bus ride, and they look more like what youll find Eastern European women typically wear.

How do people dress in Belgrade?

Belgrade can get quite chilly in the fall. Essentials include: a leather jacket, cozy blanket scarf, comfortable walking flats, jeans, tights, and a few stylish yet warm dresses. For fall, try a stylish black leather jacket, which will keep you warm while being versatile enough to pair with all your outfits.

Are Serbians fashionable?

Walk down any street in central Belgrade and it wont take long for you to determine that Serbians are some seriously fashionable folk. The country has a proud history of influential fashion designers too, many of whom have gone on to international fame and fortune.

What do I need to know before going to Serbia?

Still, here are some things to know before you go so that you make the most of your Serbia trip.Theres More than Just Belgrade. Getting There. Getting Around Serbia. A Sense of Grandeur. Money. Extensive History. Language. Bountiful Nature.More items •27 Jul 2018

Are things cheap in Serbia?

While still a total bargain by European standards, Serbia is not quite as cheap to discover as it once was. It remains one of the most inexpensive destinations on the continent however, and youll find that your dollar travels an extremely long way in the country.

Is food cheap in Serbia?

Once youre outside of the capital city youll find that most things are much cheaper in price. Food in Serbia is quite reasonably priced, in part because there are local fast food options everywhere.

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