Question: Did Miley Cyrus Date Lucas Till?

Miley Cyrus and Lucas Till (Hannah Montana: The Movie) Lucas has admitted. that him and Miley dated while they were filming the flick, however their relationship didnt last longer than two months.

Who dated Lucas Till?

Hannah Montana: The Movie costars Lucas Till and Miley Cyrus dated for a few months, while filming the movie in 2008.

Did Lucas Till and Miley Cyrus date in real life?

Lucas first rose to fame at age 19 when he starred as Miley Cyrus love interest in the 2009 Hannah Montana movie. Lucas admitted that he and Miley started dating while they were filming the flick, but it sadly didnt last, and the couple went their separate ways after two months.

Did Taylor Swift kiss Lucas Till?

Lucas Till is a lucky guy. Not only does he star alongside Miley Cyrus in Hannah Montana: The Movie, now on DVD, but he also co-stars with Taylor Swift in her VMA-nominated You Belong With Me video — and the 19-year-old Atlanta native got to kiss them both.

Why did Lucas Till and Taylor Swift break up?

The two called it quits after just three months because Tom reportedly wanted the romance to be more public. A few months later, he responded to rumors that their relationship was all for show, telling GQ: Of course it was real. Taylor is an amazing woman. Shes generous and kind and lovely, and we had the best time.

How old is Lucas Till right now?

31 years (August 10, 1990) Lucas Till/Age

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