Question: Who is Hamlets dead girlfriend?

She is the daughter of Polonius, the sister of Laertes, and up until the beginning of the plays events, she has also been romantically involved with Hamlet. Ophelias relationships with these men restrict her agency and eventually lead to her death. From her very first scene, men tell Ophelia what to do.She is the daughter of Polonius

What is the story of Hamlet and Ophelia?

In Hamlet, Ophelias story is a tragic one. In the original play, Ophelia functions mainly as Hamlets love interest. In addition, she is also the daughter of Polonius, whom Hamlet eventually kills; and the sister of Laertes, who eventually kills Hamlet.

Who was Hamlets lover?

Ophelia Ophelia is the daughter of Polonius, and Laertess sister, who lives with her father at Elsinore. She is in love with Hamlet.

Is Hamlet to blame for Ophelias death?

In conclusion, Hamlet definitely had a massive part to play in Ophelias death. However, he was not the only one to blame.

Who is the most responsible for Ophelias death?

Gertrude, The Queen of Denmark, is responsible for Ophelias death.

Did Gertrude lie about Ophelias death?

Gertrude reports the events of Ophelias death as if she had seen (and heard!) them herself. Ophelia dies during act IV, somewhere between scene V and scene VII.

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