Question: Should I live in Uptown Minneapolis?

Uptown is one of Minneapolis most bustling neighborhoods. Filled with diverse residents, peppered with lakes and located in a convenient spot that provides easy access to almost every other part of the city, Uptown is a choice that most people make when it comes to renting at least once in their Twin Cities lives.

Is it safe to go to Uptown Minneapolis?

This area is just not safe. Incidents of violent crime in the neighborhood that includes most of Uptowns bars and clubs rose to 67 incidents from 49 at this point last year; most of that increase is from a rise in robberies, according to Minneapolis crime statistics. We just want a nice quiet neighborhood.

What is the best area to live in Minneapolis?

5 Great Neighborhoods in MinneapolisSOUTHWEST METRO.Edina.Flagship Neighborhood: The streets lining the exclusive Interlachen Country Club.The Neighbors: High-strivers, corporate bigwigs, doctors, lawyers and people who want top-notch public schools for their kids call Edina home. WEST METRO.Plymouth.More items

What is considered Uptown in Minneapolis?

It has traditionally spanned the corners of four neighborhoods, Lowry Hill East, East Calhoun, South Uptown and East Isles neighborhoods, which are all within the Calhoun Isles community .Uptown, Minneapolis.Uptown MinneapolisArea code(s)61215 more rows

Is it safe to live downtown Minneapolis?

Crime and safety are serious concerns in Minneapolis Still, like in all cities, most areas of Minneapolis-St. Paul are considered safe places to live, as crime tends to concentrate in a few areas.

What is North Minneapolis known for?

North Minneapolis is a neighborhood that has the best of the best, whether that is food, art, music, clothing, or festivals. The sense of unity and closeness that this community has is what makes it so special.

How many neighborhoods are there in Minneapolis?

Community and neighborhoods The City of Minneapolis has 83 residential neighborhoods served by 70 neighborhood organizations.

Is Minnesota a bad place to live?

Yep, Minneapolis is the city where criminals go to make their living. Minneapolis ranks at #1 for violent crime, with 793 violent crimes per 100,000 people. On the plus side, the property crime rate isnt too terrible, coming in at #9 worst in the state with 3,911 per 100,000 people.

Is the Warehouse District in Minneapolis safe?

The Minneapolis Police Department considers it part of the larger Downtown West zone and does not break out crime data. It acknowledges that the Warehouse District is the crime hotspot of downtown, particularly the blocks bounded by Hennepin and Second Avenue North and Fourth and Fifth Streets.

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