Question: Should I play realistic battles War Thunder?

Should I play realistic war thunder?

Realistic mode (alias RB) is designed for more experienced players. More realistic damage models, flight models, and physics makes gameplay less forgiving, and aircraft fly much more similar to their historical counterparts, with their strengths and weaknesses more apparent than in arcade mode.

What are realistic battles in war thunder?

Realistic Battles Vehicles have their historic characteristics such as engine power and turret traverse rate, or for planes, climb rate and turn rate. In ground battles, markers only identify friendly players. While tanks can shoot and hit friendly tanks, it is impossible to actually damage them.

How do you aim realistic battles in war thunder?

1:126:48How to aim better / War Thunder - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipSection in the controls. This time you have to scroll all the way down to sight distance control setMoreSection in the controls. This time you have to scroll all the way down to sight distance control set keys for increase value decrease value and reset axis value and youre all set.

Where do you hit tanks in war thunder?

Universal spots to hit tanks are:Any kind of drivers viewport.Any hatches.The joint between the turret and the hull, the turret ring.The side armor behind the tracks.The cannon alone can take damage. The ammo can usually be found stored in the turret, though low-tier tanks apparently rarely get ammoracked there.More items

How do you get intelligence in war thunder?

This achievement requires you to be in an airplane and kill a player controlled enemy tank which was recently marked by a friendly player contolled vehicle, receive this award 10 times to get the achievement.

How do I start World War War Thunder?

1:3311:07War Thunder World War Mode Explained - What It Is, How To Play YouTube

What is a Tanks weak spot?

Apart from side and rear armor, most vehicles have common weak spots: the lower glacis plate, the commanders cupola, and the top surface of the turret.

How do you become a pro in War Thunder?

Reward for destroying your enemies vehicles without a miss. Reward for destroying 5 vehicles in a single match. Each kill after the 5th, rewards the player with another Professional Award (i.e. 7 kills would reward the player with 3 Professional Awards.) Destroyed the most vehicles of one rank higher.

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