Question: How do you wire a Virgin phone socket?

How do I wire my virgin phone socket?

0:201:33How to wire up a NTE5 TELEPHONE MASTER SOCKET (quick version)YouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipBlue to two orange. To three white blue to five the sockets are numbered somewhere on the socketMoreBlue to two orange. To three white blue to five the sockets are numbered somewhere on the socket next to the terminals.

Are BT and Virgin master sockets the same?

One of the sockets is labelled virgin media, the other labelled BT, both are the master socket type (split front cover).

How much does it cost to move a socket?

On average, the cost to move a plug socket is £150. This will vary depending on how far it is moved and the condition of the socket.

Do I need a phone socket for Virgin Media?

As Virgin Media we use a separate phone network to all other home phone providers. This means that for our Phone service to work you need to have one of our Phone sockets in your home. So if your Phone service isnt working, the first thing to do is check which socket your handset is plugged into.

Is it easy to change from Virgin to BT?

Whether youre with Sky, TalkTalk, Virgin Media or anyone else, weve made it as simple as possible to switch broadband provider. Its easy to switch your TV and landline services too. And in most cases youll only be without broadband for about 30 minutes on the day of your switch.

How much does it cost to move a phone socket?

If you ask Openreach to move the BT master socket, they will charge somewhere around £150. You may have to wait a fair while for the work to be done. Its not worth the wait, cost, or hassle.

Do I need an electrician to move a socket?

Price to move a socket or light switch? To replace a socket or switch with a like for like replacement is a simple job for any electrician, as if putting it in the same location, there is no additional wiring required.

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