Question: How long has Dec Donnelly been married?

How long has DEC been with his wife?

The couple started dating in 2014 and got married in 2015, but had already known each other for 10 years previously.

When did Dec Donnelly get married?

August 1, 2015 (Ali Astall) Declan Donnelly/Wedding dates

Is Dec Donnelly still married?

Dec married Ali Astall in his hometown of Newcastle in August 2015. Declan Donnelly tied the knot with Ali Astall in 2015, and they welcomed their first child together in 2018. He might be happily married now, but the Saturday Night Takeaway presenter has had his fair share of heartache in the past.

How rich is Dec Donnelly?

Declan Donnelly net worth and salary: Declan Donnelly is an English television presenter and actor who has a net worth of $40 million dollars. Declan Joseph Oliver Donnelly was born in Newcastle upon Tyne, England in September 1975.

Are Ant and Dec still best friends?

Ant and Dec have spoken about their need to get their long friendship back on track after Ant took time out from their partnership. While the much-loved Geordie duo say they are now in a good place, Declan Donnelly had been worried for their career following Ant McPartlins much-publicised personal troubles.

Has Ant got a partner?

Lisa Armstrongm. 2006–2018 Ant McPartlin/Spouse

How much does Jonathan Ross earn per year?

Ross became the highest paid television personality in Britain, when a new BBC contract secured his services until 2010, for a reported £18 million (£6 million per year). That same month, he was named by Radio Times as the most powerful person in British radio.

What is Graham Norton net worth?

In 2012 he sold his production company So Television to ITV for around £17 million. In 2019 he became a judge on RuPauls Drag Race UK .Graham NortonBornGraham William Walker 4 April 1963 Clondalkin, County Dublin, IrelandOccupationActor author comedian commentator writerYears active1992–present3 more rows

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