Question: Who is the best Gears of War character?

Who is main character in Gears?

Marcus Fenix is the lead protagonist of the Gears of War series. A war hero who turned into a prison inmate for a rash decision, he is now humanitys last hope against the Locust Horde and the leader of Delta Squad.

Who is the main character in Gears of War Judgement?

Marcus Fenix is the lead protagonist of the Gears of War series.

Does Anya have a soul?

She didnt have a soul when she was a demon. She was a demon, and the type of demon she was is evil. The show wouldnt have incorporated her into the Scooby Gang in such a way if she was a murderous human being.

Who kills Anya in Buffy?

When he interrupts the fight between her and Buffy, Anya begs him to reverse the spell she did - even though she knows the cost of reversing such a spell is the life and soul of a vengeance demon. Anya is ready to die, even if Xander does not want her to, but DHoffryn instead summons Halfrek and kills her.

Who did Buffy marry?

One couple that did end up together was Xander (Nicholas Brendon) and Dawn (Michelle Trachtenberg) and are raising their daughter Joyce. At the end of both the comics and the TV series, Buffy ended up with friends with her two romantic interests, vampires Angel and Spike.

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