Question: Can you date another person in the army?

Military policy in all branches prohibits all kinds of fraternization between soldiers of different grades; while the prohibited relationship is officer/enlisted solider, it also applies to any two different grades of soldier. Whether or not they are in a direct line of command is immaterial.

Are relationship allowed in the Army?

Yes, of course soldiers can and do have relationships with other soldiers, and as long as their relationships are maturely conducted, and there is no coercion of any kind, and the relationship doesnt effect good order and discipline then there is nothing wrong with them.

Can your wife go with you on deployments?

Unfortunately, the whole idea of visiting your spouse during deployment is highly unlikely. Theres a reason the military isnt sending you with them! If you were to be truly flexible enough to jump on a plane whenever your spouse says “Go,” you would still have a horribly priced plane ticket.

What is the hardest part of deployment?

What is the hardest thing about military deployments? Deployments are tough. Almost everything about them is difficult–from the emotional turmoil, to the constant worry and stress, to the frustration of maintaining a house or vehicle or keeping small children alive all by yourself.

Can my wife live with me on base?

The military requires you to provide adequate support (which includes housing) to your dependents. However, unless your dependents move to your duty location, you are not authorized to reside in on-base family housing, because the rules say to qualify, your dependents must be living with you.

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