Question: What do Gemini men and Aquarius women want to do in the bedroom?

One of the negative points of Gemini man and Aquarius woman couple is that they are not much concerned about personal and relationship growth. They will share an amazing sexual relationship and both of them will be experimental in bed increasing the surprise and excitement which Aquarius and Gemini both love.

What attracts Gemini to Aquarius?

Gemini and Aquarius are both free thinkers that need a lot of leeway in love. A whirl of stimulating activities gets the ball rolling since these two are curiosity seekers. When they come together, its a meeting of two bright minds, and thats where the seeds of love begin to grow.

What turns on an Aquarius woman in bed?

Creativity: she love trying new moves. She doesnt mind being with partners who arent experienced, but she does appreciate it if you stay open-minded. The best part about sex with an Aquarius woman isnt just that its always exciting, but it is also that she has a sense of humor in bed, too.

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