Question: When did Carnival start using the Fenton Mark?

When Fenton introduced its lines or reissued Carnival Glass in 1970, they marked the glass with an oval with the word Fenton in script inside. In 1980, they reduced the size of the mark and included a numeral designating the decade (8 for 1980s, 9 for 1990s, 0 for 2000).

When did Fenton start stamping glass?

The first Fenton logo to be stamped into the glass was the word Fenton inside of an oval. It can be found on carnival glass pieces including vases, dishes, and decorative items that were made starting in 1970. This logo was added to hobnail glass pieces, which have a bumpy texture, beginning in 1972-1973.

Is all Fenton carnival glass marked?

Unfortunately, many makers of carnival glass worldwide did not include makers marks on their products. Fenton, which continued to make carnival glass until they closed down in 2007, placed an oval mark on their pieces with the company name, though many of their pieces will have no mark at all.

Is Fenton milk glass always marked?

Yes, Fenton did not start using molded marks in their glass until the 1970s. The majority of Fenton was only marked with a sticker. Most of the stickers have been lost or removed over time.

Does carnival glass have a marking?

Some carnival glass pieces, though relatively few, have a mark that reveals the manufacturer. If you see one of these, look up pieces made by the manufacturer with the same color, shape, and pattern, and you will likely narrow down the date to a small range, or even a particular year.

Is it safe to drink from carnival glass?

Of course, glass containing lead is not considered safe for food-related use. Carnival Glass does not contain lead. When washing Carnival, dont use harsh chemicals or scourers. The iridescent layer is very thin and harsh abrasives can easily wear it away, especially on the raised up surfaces.

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