Question: How do expats get friends in Paris?

How can I make friends in Paris?

Avoid individual sports as much as possible, prefer group activities. If you want to make so pals or « potes » as we say in France, join a sports club, a choir, a music or reading group. Its an opportunity to meet people who have the same passion as you and the same interests. It is therefore an easier way to connect.

How do I meet expats in Paris?

How to Meet Expats in When I looked online for opportunities to practice French or meet other expats in Paris, the first 3 or 4 results were groups. Oct 2015

Is it easy to make friends with French people?

It very hard and long to establish friendships with French people. Speaking French will obviously help you fit in locally, But first you need to know that there are different kinds of French friendship vocabulary that let you know what kind of relationship you have.

How many expats are in Paris?

Paris is an easy guess, being the biggest city in France and full of culture, entertainment, and lots of other expats (approximately 22,000 and counting)! But there are several other less flashy places in France where expats like to settle down too.

Where do Parisians like to meet?

Go Out with Friends. If youre traveling with a group, grab your friends and go to a lounge or a bar. The French tend to go out in groups too, so it can be easier to chat up the Parisians at the next table if youre not alone. And after a few cocktails, you suddenly have things in common with everyone.

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