Question: What are the best things to do on weekends as a single man in Gdansk?

Is one day enough in Gdansk?

It is not possible to visit Gdansk in one day. However, if you dont have more time, without a doubt you should visit the city centre. If youre wondering what to see in Gdansk, here you can find a suggested route which let you see the most important places: Dluga Street, Dlugi Targ, Motlawa River or Mariacka Street.

What is there to do in Gdansk in 3 days?

Gdansk Walking Tour: The Royal RouteUpland Gate (Brama Wyzynna) Prison Tower and Torture Chamber (Wieza Wiezienna) Golden Gate (Zlota Brama) Long Street (Dluga) Gdansk Town Hall (Rathaus) Long Market (Dlugi Targ) Neptune Fountain (Fontanna Neptuna) Artus Court (Dwor Artusa)More items •23 Oct 2020

What is there to do in Gdansk in 2 days?

Day 2: Gdansk and Sopot You can either visit the European Solidarity Museum or you can spend more time in the old town. In the afternoon, take the train to Sopot and spend the afternoon here. Many people combine a trip to Sopot with Gdynia. Together with Gdansk, these three towns make up what is called the Tri-City.

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